Surrey Escorts Can I delight you tonight?


My name is Lucy and I work for Surrey escorts. I was wondering if I could delight you tonight?


surround yourself with sexy surrey escorts

surround yourself with sexy surrey escorts


I know that many of you fine gents work up in London, and come home full of pent up stress and frustration. It is a long day, and doing business in places such as the City of London, can be tough. When you come home you want to relax, but sometimes you are not sure how to do.

A drink in the nearest pub or a chat with your mates, may just do that but sometimes something else seems to be ailing you. You are longing for female companionship, and this is where Surrey escorts come in. Think of us girls at delightful angels who will help to relax and soothe you. That stress and tension you are feeling needs to be released, and perhaps we can do that for you.

Relax with Surrey Escorts

I want you to know that you can relax with Surrey escorts. We would love to be your discreet sexy companions, and once you leave our boudoirs, nothing will be talked about or passed on. Your innermost secrets and desires are safe with us, and I will not whisper a word about what we did last night.

Perhaps you would like to experience a massage? That is not a problem at all. Like the other girls here at Surrey escorts, I have many different techniques that we can try. Maybe you would like a massage that just relaxes you, or maybe you would like a massage that energizes you. Whatever you need can be found with a babe from Surrey escorts. We will be delighted to help you to easy your pain.

Up Tempo with Surrey Escorts
have your pick of surrey escort babes

have your pick of surrey escort babes

Could it be that you would like to experience something totally different altogether… In that case you really need to come and see Surrey escorts. Us girls here at Surrey escorts have a variety of exciting experiences and pleasures that we think that you would enjoy. I have a friend called Alma who works with me at Surrey escorts, and you may want to meet her.

Alma is a very special girl, and she has the passion for the macabre. Not only does she look amazing in a cat suit, but she has a few implements that some gents who visit Surrey escorts are interested in. If you would like to be tickled, or perhaps shall we say, touched a bit former, Alma is your girl at Surrey escorts.

The Pleasure is All Mine
pleasure is our number 1 priority

pleasure is our number 1 priority

I know that you boys are busy and that you don’t have the time to come and see us here at Surrey escorts all of the time. Finding the time to spare when you have a fulltime job is not easy.

That is why we girls here at Surrey escorts would like to make the most your town. Be honest with us and tell us your pleasures. Once we know how you would like to enjoy yourself, we can find the right lady at Surrey escorts to delight you.

We have many different tricks that we like to show you and share with you. How about checking out my kitchen? After all, I am sure that we can all remember that exciting seen in the Postman Always Rings Twice. On top of that, I have the perfect jacuzzi that you and I can slip into. If you like I can wear my microkini, and pour you that perfect glass of bubbly.

While you soak your troubles away, I will soothe your soul and let you enjoy the warmth and the cosy comfort of my jacuzzi. The jets will massage your stress away and I will be there for you. But if you don’t fancy getting wet with your hot date from Surrey escorts, I know that my friends here at Surrey escorts have many other plans for you.

All you need to do is to give us a call. The number for Surrey escorts is answered 24/7 and there will always be a friendly voice on the phone for you. Just tell her what you need, and you will find that we will do everything we can to help you. If you need soothing after a bad dream, I would like to be your angel of delight right here in Surrey.